LIVE from Poznan and other Grand re Union sites,
directly into the world

after a year of regular online gatherings
and the publication of 9 online magazines,
with the 10th – a virtual trip into very real somatic experience,
we are finally meeting both live and online
with movers and thinkers, dancers and writers of the Grand re Union project.

The event will mark an ending of the whole year cycle
celebrating our communal efforts on practicing and reflecting, despite the odds,
on dance, improvisation and the movement of our body and mind

it will make a circle full:
from where it all has started,
back to Poznan and again into the whole world.

as every ending marks a transition into the new beginnings,
it will also serve as such!

Celebrate with us in a very funky style
wherever you are!
Stream on Facebook Grand re Union.

Stay tuned
Tune in!
We will be there for you.

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Moving the Mirror

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One subject, two people, ten talks

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Poetry reading


The Statement re-Write

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Slow Rave