This is the invitation to Tender Hotel which was open on February 20th (spanning 19th-21st) 2021 and the Hotel Facilities were then accessible for 24 hours:

Tender Hotel invites you to 24 hours of Love, Care & Discomfort. A remote get-away sitting just on the edge of the physical world, the Tender Hotel is an experience like no other.

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Over 50 rooms and spaces designed by an international team of artisans, called Hotel Residents. We await your pleasure for one day only. Tender Hotel is a unique gifted experience – a home away from home where you remote-control your atmosphere by choosing from a wide selection of experiences tailored just for you.

The above languaging is an artifice. It is based on a luxury hotel advertisement. Despite our best intentions, we are going to fail and can not give you everything you need. Many offerings are non-verbal, and when spoken language is included, it is likely to be in English. Closed captions will be provided but not reliably, meaning they will be in main spaces only and may include errors.

We would love to meet you there, please share widely to entice Tender Hotel Visitors from all over the globe. 

With love, care, and discomfort,
Your Team Tender