Scene: receiving someone in silence (amongst other possible versions) where there would be a teacup, whatever shape and material you would like it to be. Where to pour yourself a tea, preferably but not exclusively.


The placement of a medium size piece of cloth, a mantel-like of a range of about 40x40cm, could be a canvas-like or linen (for the pleasure of a subtle texture) plain colour with a small minimal graphic image on one corner, as identification for our space. Where are we?, maybe an identifiable graphia.

I think, actually pondering, the cloth has a text containing some writing regarding the bases of comfort, the bases of tradition and an entanglement regarding what lays underneath this personal ceremony.

An eagerness for writing on a piece of cloth, might be self indulgence. For me that process unveils a creation of understanding through tracing graphias: drawing like letters. So the outcome will be a tablecloth with inscriptions on the same tone as the fabric, the inscriptions will be either embroidered or printed with silkscreen technique, with a finishing turn-up.

They ended up being 20, cause the number was just that one in the middle between 10 that could be too little and 40 which my hands couldn’t endure. All of them have a 20x30cm surface, embroidered on lienzo madreselva with a gesture-graphia.


I was wrong, there is not much to say, much has been said on so many surfaces. In fact surfaces have an inherent capacity of absorbing energy. Embroidering became a meditation in action, needles to “have” or “be”, doddlying graphia as a synthesis of being, can there be a path?


1° Attempt Provocation to engage-room:

Given the impeccable quality of the tablecloth: the given graphia and texture act as an invitation/provocation that consist on: while being together, either engaging in conversation or in silence, the tablecloth surface could become a scribbling material. As writing in such an object could open space for a creative transgression.

So each embroidered napkin/tablecloth piece is accompanied by a pencil or a sharpie to do so.

A consideration for not giving instructions: have the sharpie somehow attach to the piece.

During our conversation then, the symbolic feature of the tablecloth functions as a base, to extend and set intention for a ceremony to oneself or a shared experience, a sort of altar ceremony. This is a tender action that gets activated through our daily rituals either alone or shared, and what we many times don’t consider is the background for caring, has a multi source origin and diverse circumstances embedded in objects, let that sink and accept.


Disruption: The sendout

Event: I was very eager to send a special infusion for us to share, 4 flavors in fact: I collected two very special things, a set of 40 teabags from amazonian fruits and embroidered 20 small tablecloths.

As the idea was to enhance the senses, amplify what is known to those taste buds I don’t know and suspected didn’t know these flavors. So I was rejoicing, the range and mixtures ranged from acai, copoazú, camu camu and arazá-fruits and herbs infusions.

The turn of events has to do with what’s going on (…), but at the same time it has to do with power structure as well. It always existed but now became widely evident during these circumstances.

So the package I was to send out didn’t weigh more than 350 gr. and as all post offices were closed, as rumors of a second wave contagion came through, the only company working for sendout abroad was DHL. The send out of my giving was even reduced. Those teabags, even though they were carefully vacuum packed individually by the company and delivered with all security norms qualified as “food”. Some perspective here: conglomerates such as amazon and mercadolibre can enter easily with free shipping deciding what it is we consume and from who, they don’t have restrictions (up to now).

Having pulled and repacked my tablecloths, I was shocked to know that the now less than 200gr. a small package cost almost a month’s rent of a one bedroom apartment, and without guarantee for arriving.

So I’m pulling away from this idea, as it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with how the world is running.


This leads to reflections on how self confort is built, the perspectives we have on that, If any, and what is essential amongst other thoughts.


Re-focus of the provocation task:
The Listening room

The listening room will consist of a comfortable ambient, I will be there, without instructions.

I will be there just to listen to whatever you want to tell me, even if what you want to put forward is your own silence.

During our meeting I will have another camera pointing towards a tea or hot beverage drink. gently laid on a small tablecloth, it’ll be great to have a prolonged glimpse at yours. It might be a pencil there, or not.

I am willing to have at least 30 minutes in a room, on 3 occasions in 24 hrs. Tender Hotel.

Prep for us being together, me listening, please read the sign.