Let’s have a look at where choreographic practices are situated. What do we see if we observe carefully their various contexts? What shapes them? How do we take a stance with the artistic choices? What is the constellation of desires and urgencies we operate within? How are the collaborative bonds created and with whom? What is the landscape of their relations with humans and more-than humans?

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In the Grand re Union April issue Marta Keil and Zeyno Pekünlü, invited artists, activists and thinkers to tackle the notion of interdependence and propose to expand the choreography territory to a broader perspective. Together with Begüm Özden Fırat, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Magdalena Zamorska, Evrim Kavcar, Pirate Care (Valeria Graziano and Tomislav Medak), Agata Siniarska and Katarzyna Słoboda they investigate the interdependence as a reciprocal relation with other humans and more-than-humans. They address both the complexity of the ecosystem we operate in on an everyday basis and the problematics of care and ambiguity of solidarity, two terms that are being constantly repeated in the current discourse in the arts field and beyond.