Paweł Sakowicz is a choreographer and dancer. He graduated from the University of Warsaw and the London Contemporary Dance School. For the last few years, he has been working with various artists, curators and theatre makers across Europe. His works include Bernhard, TOTAL, Jumpcore, Thriller and Masakra. They have been presented during three editions of the Polish Dance Platform, NYU Skirball and CAC New Orleans amongst oth

I am a choreographer and dancer. In my choreographic practice, I focus on examining notions of virtuosity and craftsmanship of dance. It may happen through the lecture performance or extremely physical jumping; it can be based on the dance archives or taking the dance into the unknown future. I care for a friendly work environment but I also appreciate sharp exchange of views. I am curious about discoveries but struggle when in stagnation.


Hi/bye score

Go for a walk. See something you like and slowly approach it. When you get really close, keep the gaze on, rotate yourself slowly and start walking backwards. Slowly walk away from the object, look at it and when it gets really tiny, close your eyes.