Zden Brungot Svíteková a moving, freelance artist.

Moving between countries, languages, cultures, thoughts or fields.

Moving to connect with different fields and to create connections between people. I find great richness in dialoguing with sciences – so far it has been physics, psychology and recently geology.

“You seem to be fascinated by ungraspable ideas, right?” was the observation of a geoogist when I was curious about the “room problem”.

I work as performer, maker and am also interested in research, fascinated by the richness of the beauty and the knowledge the dance has generated throughout the years. I feel passionate about its potential, what it has to offer to the human community: relation, rigour, endeavour, the capacity to imagine ways and possibilities. To co-create.

I am also one of the founder of OSTRUZINA, and take part in the running of the association. We produce dance works for young as well as for adult audiences, collaborating with different art fields and place our works in different contexts: theatrical, site specific, educational or creative. We love to travel and to stay longer, to taste and to engage with the local community.