Saturday June, 26th
many places in the world at their own time throughout the day

Come to the grass with us,
come onto the floor, between and under the trees,
on the sands of your beaches.
enjoy the company of the nature and
in the nature, also within the city,
and from that grounding growing in all directions.

find ideas about what you can do
in that place
in that state
from body/mind practitioners from around the world.
here now!
away from the screens.
in Poznan, we are meeting in Stary Browar Park (on the side of Ratajczaka street).

Between noon and 15:00 o’clock CET
we will breathe together, meditate and engage in a liminal rituals of passage
between everything we leave behind and everything that awaits us.

Come and join the Art Stations Foundation team and some of Grand re Union artists
to farewell the hard months of isolation and happy times we spent together online when we could not meet as we used to and wished to.
And let’s look together into the coming time when there will be no ASF anymore,
and no Grand re Union in its 2020/2021 form

but what there will be for sure,
always and with no doubt,
is dance and choreography
we will still be there for each other.

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