Hannah Meleokaiao Ayasse is a dance artist, educator, and curator born and based in Huichin, unceded Ohlone land (also known as Oakland, CA). Hannah’s work explores story sharing and deep listening within human-to-human and human-to-environment relationships. Hannah is interested in Relationship as a “third thing,” its own mutable and powerful entity, existing in and of itself. She expresses this both as the subject of her work and in her engagement in highly collaborative processes with audiences and fellow artists. Her work has been presented across the Bay Area and Washington DC and she has trained in both places as well as in Germany. Aside from dance, Hannah has self-published a book and various zines, is the Program Manager at CounterPulse, the lead curator for the December Issue of Grand re Union, a co-curator of the Performance Primers, a recipient of the Hope Mohr Dance Bridge Project Community Engagement Residency, and teaches creative movement to young children. She received a BA in Dance and Psychology from GWU.