Anderson Danttas (Brasil) Actor, dancer, producer. Graduated in Business Administration (UNOPAR) and dancer (FUNCEB) is a member of the Other Theater Company, acting and producing. As an actor, he integrates the spectacles: Ruin of Angels; CLEAR [of how time reveals you], Patch Patch and What of you stayed in me. As a dancer, he danced to important Bahian choreographers, highlighting the show “Seeds”, a result of Bahian and Polish artists, for the VIVADANÇA festival in 2016; and Sertanias, by Lia Robatto. In the production area, he worked at the VIVADANÇA International Festival from 2013 to 2015; besides working on projects of assembly and circulation of spectacles such as At the edge of the Sea, Patching the Bahia, Other Scenes and Foot on the Road, Ruin of Angels, What of you stayed in me and CLEAR.