Whale came to visit me today

Whale said,

Hey do you have a moment?

I didn’t know what to say because

I had never been visited by a whale before

whale said

I’m here to show you how to live and die

I’m going to take you to the depths, to the place

Where my body falls after I die

I said,

Whale, I cannot go to the depths

I won’t be able to breath there

Whale said

You can’t breath here on earth.

Your ancestors sent me here to remind you of your impossible existence.

Whale said

When you fall, you will die and be reborn again

You will replenish the ocean with your cellular body

And you will mingle with the cellular bodies of your ancestors before time

Whale said

Whale fall with me to the bottom of the sea

I said

I’ve given up the ghost before and I can do it again

Whale said

It is better to know the ghosts that you’ve given up

It is better to know