It is an individual drawing practice, however I suggest practicing it in groups to learn from the others’ ways of taking the score.

You can practice this score anywhere: you only need something to draw and something to draw on. 

Choose a part of your body. If you can see it, close your eyes. If you can’t, you can either close or open your eyes, and explore the difference brought by the two situations (play with it: while you are drawing, you can choose to look at your drawing or do it blindly.) 

The practice consists of drawing not from visual information but from inner sensations. 

Feel how the act of drawing brings sensations to the part of your body that you are drawing. What happens if you vary the pressure on your drawing? 

What kind of pressure, of touch through the drawing lines, does the depicted part of your body desire? 

What kind of pressure and touch do you need to explore and navigate in your blindness? 

Move your attention, from the drawing, the pressure you are applying, the feelings it produces in your body. What happens if you change your attention from exploring the part of your body in order to draw, to drawing in order to touch your body (or vice/versa)? 

Are you close to the skin or close to the bones? Into the flesh or into the fluids? 

Once you are done, look at the drawing. What do you like to see? Are those lines familiar to you?