Dear All,
Welcome to The Listening Station.
This is the place to listen to stories and
to tell stories.
You are invited to come in and listen or
To come in and tell me a story.
Any story
a funny story, a sad story,
a story from the past, a story from today, a story of the future,
your story, another’s story, any story.
I can listen to any language
I only understand English.

You are welcome to come under your real name or
Under any other name of your choice
You are welcome to leave your camera on or put it in the off mode

Dear Listeners,
This is a listening space – please mute yourself whilst you are in the room,
Let’s allow The Storyteller to continue without interruption.
When you want to tell the story ….
Please, write it down in the chat box
and prepare to be asked to be next …

Dear Storytellers,
Come in
Make yourself at home
take a moment 
When you are ready & only when you are ready
Tell me a story
When you have finished please say “The End”
Stay with us to listen to other stories,
And of course, You may also leave.

breath deep and

Story #1

Story #2