In the midst of this shifting and falling (and failing), it is very exciting to handle (meaning: an instrument for effecting purpose) a proposal for playing. 

Somehow convinced that in order to transit or cross paths it is essential to un/de-mark (dissociate) oneself, as a self-proclamation practice (as reclaiming a territory), and so, I play:

Co-elaborate: not actually a mere taking part, as a puzzle piece for the part-taking, an abstract adjacent entity but rather being (as a co-existence) an integrated part of something, a constant continuous becoming (coming to being), indeed an elaboration. 

In that same sense, being with space: becoming space is also an act of resistance; you see, it’s that co particle that persists on those pulls and pushes.

Re-sist: re-exist: becoming present at all times through the intentional and purpose-ful act of existence, as a forceful decision to exist. The self-proclaimed “I” enables; craves movement and opens up to Desire as a transdisciplinary, intergenerational,… Inter-gener>rational.

Co/Trans/Inter/Multi… What’s the added value of these particles to meaning?, what is it they are pushing, pulling, centering? Can we push, pull, center some more, or maybe just not at all and remain frozenly impavid? 

(Note to self: play with the structure, even up to the point of no meaning).

Alternative: other ways, shapes and forms of being native, or potential to exponentially becoming from or for. Shaping the sense of belonging, maybe in a somewhat longing flare of part-take.

When being(us) is in a constant coming> to> being, a potential not jet consumed there could be a possibility for not having the capacity of defining what it is actually to be a human as a whole and concrete entity. Un/De-mark of the self. A proclamation for an existence as a political practice in constant becoming, could be found by exercising the simplest tasks,… Therefore the notion of Alternate, would really like to be engaged with the term of alternating current, simple as that.

Again a particle, the co particle: Co/mapping. Trans-misting. Alternative trans-mitting/meeting and the idea of value to disrupt. Existing in a constant movement of Becoming, opens up a possibility of a none product lead practice. Could this idea even be considered and confronted at the same time? 

Togetherness: (to gather ness, to gather the nous) as frameworks for one another, co-elaboration of (not for, as the for could imply other types of emotions and product lead) existence. 

We have most things in common, so just fall.

In-sist(sit): a practice of just sitting inside, come and sit as a practice as an opportunity, as a coming together, as friction. Or In-sight (just because). There is a place for Desire in practice, a subtlety of space perception, as a de-marc-ation (pull the limit to nation/notion). Don’t account tenderness-radically display, become.

Ground desire, ground the unknown, cultivate state of awareness and interaction through uncertainty. Don’t adapt or even respond, no need, maybe extend (stretch). Let’s co-elaborate, move Desire or sit inside? Let’s become as a possibility of “being on the come/coming to being” never yet arriving.This text, rather these words thank you for baring with this disrupted flow, terms that sometimes are even made up or forced to co-exist. Bold letters and other shapes used appreciate your welcoming them in this, to some extent, rumbled threaded rewrite.

Grand re Union Statement

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