Two impro-addicts – Aleksandra/Ola Bożek-Muszyńska and Andrew Morrish, talk about their shared improvisation practice. One in Poland and one in Australia, one in the early morning and one in the early evening. They each chose 5 issues that arise from their individual practice and used one of these as a topic for 10 zoom meetings. They alternated leading the sessions, playing with discursive, conversational and practical elements. It is, what it is, but they did stick, throughout, to their most basic question: where is my pleasure?!

They hope that you too, watch the videos with this question in mind.

First of Ten

7 Is for The Young

Second of Ten

Stuck in The Mud on a Windy Day

Third of Ten

The Beginning of the Joan Armatrading Song

Fourth of Ten

Octopus Arms

Fifth of Ten

Let Them Talk

Sixth of Ten

We Have Forgot the Time

Seventh of Ten

Trust The Pillar

Eighth of Ten

Everything Is Always

Nineth of Ten

The Hungarian Thing

Tenth of Ten

The Power Of The Point

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