15 June 2020

I am writing to you in regard to the official letter of Mr Kaczyński. I am shocked by its content. The letter concerns LGTB and children of different orientation. These children, especially school-aged boys, are exposed to bullying, abuse and humiliation by the so-called ‘normal children.’ This type of bullying often leads children to suicide. Why is there so little talk about these children? Is there any morality in the ‘normal children’s’ behaviour? I do not think so. In fact, it is often the other way round.

I am the mother of a son of different sexual orientation. If it were not for my and my husband’s positive attitude to our son, I do not know how his life would have turned out. As an adult, he told me how he was bullied by the ‘normal children,’ who, according to Mr Kaczyński and other politicians from the Law and Justice party, are exposed to demoralisation. Why are children of different orientation not protected? It is them who suffer from lack of acceptance. My son had a very hard time at school. He was exposed to immoral behaviour, which undoubtedly affected his life. He is now an adult, a good person, a respected citizen, and I will not allow such offensive words to be spoken about people like him. As a boy, my son was afraid to go to summer camps. I did not know why at the time. But those ‘moral children’ behaved despicably, did vile things that no human should do, things that should never happen again. One of the lighter examples is kicking a little boy.

Mr Kaczyński has no idea about family. Is a family where there is violence, where children are beaten, are killed, still a family? But homosexual people are regarded as the bad ones. Yes, there are good and bad people in this community, but no one should be interested in who they sleep with.

I am fighting for these people all the time. I defend them.

Today, during the election campaign, things have gone too far. I believe that parents, people who are against homophobia should get together and fight. Let us not leave things as they are.