a score on finding nothing for anyone who is barely breathing

1 – find a ray of sunshine
2 – expose any part of your body to it
3 – let the sun touch you
4 – don’t worry if it costs you a lot of effort
5 – try to look for nothing, but don’t worry if you don’t find it, the important thing is that you have found the sun and part of your body, good job

“Everybody just works and works, and nobody have time for anything!
– I am working too,” said the Sand Wolf.
– Not at all,” said Karusia. – You are just sitting around doing nothing! (…)
– Of course I am working,” he said. – My hands are full of work. As you can see, I can barely breathe. (…)
– But what are you doing? (…) In my opinion nothing
– That’s right. Nothing. The job is called nothing and is the hardest job in the world. The Sand Wolf has been snoozing hard.”

Excerpted from the book The Sand Wolf by Åsa Lind