walk until you find a rough spot on which to stand; look towards the north while considering a place of political strife or environmental catastrophe, in the general direction of your focus; as you let your feet soften and find comfort, in whatever way you wish to do that, project the softening and easing within your body-mind towards this place of hostility until you arrive at a state of physical restfulness.

find another rough spot on which to stand facing towards the east, repeat the task; then repeat it facing south; then west.

finally, find a place to rest comfortably on your belly, on grass or on a blanket, and spend time breathing into the earth; then turn onto your back and breathe into sky, sun, wind – feel earth below, sky above, air around, and if you want, finish by taking a nap.


the following is my realization of this score:


i face north and think about greenhouse gas emissions and the melting of the arctic ice

i face east and think about the ‘illiberal democracy’ viktor orban is manipulating into existence in hungary

i face south and think about the unceasing conflict in the middle east

i face west and think about one of the many places in the world experiencing severe drought