Reimagining forms of relation entails imagining new genres of experience

Sex, or the Unbearable — Laurent Berlant and Lee Edelman

Materials in the collages have been collected from educational booklets on nature, science, guides on hiking and fishing, an illustrated guide on weight lifting, all printed in the socialist period. They we all found in Estonia, in Massiaru school, in Massia project space ( in August 2020.

Flowing and Flexing are on my mind.

When do we flow?

When do we flex?

When do we harden?

When do we let go?

When do we stay raw?

Ebbing and flowing are on my mind.

Change as a constant is on my mind.

Entanglement is on my mind.

These “unprecedented times” are on my mind.

They have been before. There was a precedent.
There have been multiple precedents.

Seeking adaptogens is on my mind.
Seeking my most masc is on my mind.
My body is seeking them equally.

Breaking down and being goo is in my mind.
Death is on my mind.
Alchemy is on my mind.

The body moves the pain around
In body-mind
The mind moves the pain around
In body-mind
They call it fibromyalgia
I call it living