We meet. On a disorienting walk. I notice you immediately.
Spiral into you. Looking up at me. There is desire.
To spend time. To get to know you. I’m curious.
If we could work together. We go back to mine. I lean you
against the wall. To understand. How best this could be digested.
I want to know what you want. I don’t want you to be just an object.
We’re quite different. I begin to think about this space between us.
Where we meet. I hold you. At a distance. With both hands.
Holding you right. I draw you close to me. Your teeth bared.
It’s something we can do. Together. Intended. I wonder how it feels
to be held by me. My hands imprinting on soft skin. I fold over
the experience. Turning it inside out. A map of sensation. Trying.
To bridge this gap. It takes time. Gets messy. Stopping and starting.
To let it settle. I peel back the surface. See what has materialised.
And gather up the pieces.