For our conversation together, we invite everyone to enter with curiosity, and to position ourselves alongside each other, neither above or below.

We will coat-check any desire to jump in with agreeing or disagreeing,
and abandon all binary positions in favour of embracing complexity.

We listen to understand, not simply waiting for our turn to speak.
Silences may be uncomfortable at first, and they too are welcome.

We invite you to relinquish the urge to impress, or validate or justify your contributions,
and to trust that your being here is enough in itself.

We embrace not knowing yet,
and accept clumsiness as a part of expressing the not-yet-known.

We will leave at the door, that which does not serve us, including buts,
or the reflex to become the rescuer, saviour, teacher, preacher, doctor or therapist.

We invite folks to add to, or expand on, what is being said, rather than negating.
And as adrienne marie brown says, we will move at the speed of trust.

For our conversation together we invite folks to leave behind interpretations, labels, judgements and diagnoses, and to notice when these tendencies arise.

We invite everyone to be present with each other and ourselves,
and to acknowledge what moves in us, tickles, or disturbs us.

May Team
Disrupting Discomfort