randy reyes (they/them) is a queer, AfroGuatemalan (w/ interrupted Mayan ancestry) choreographer, performance artist, and healer born in New Jersey (Lenape territory) and is currently based in San Francisco (Ramaytush Ohlone territory).

randy is interested in choreography as a methodology for and process of excavation, channeling, emptying out, task as meditation, as edging, as shape-shifting through psychosomatic states through Qi Energetic principles, club dancing, contemporary dance, and improvisation. they love getting messy by conjuring contemporary rituals within quotidian and natural landscapes and they explore the notion of club spaces as sites of generative dissonance [alone, and together] asking, “Are we celebrating or mourning or both? How do we prepare for the not yet seen? How can these erogenous zones become energetic templates for activating sacred futures, both on a systemic and spiritual level?”

Right now randy is resting, recuperating, integrating, donating to Black Lives Matters efforts, and attending to their roots.