Rafał Dziemidok – independent dancer, actor, choreographer, theatre director, improvisation coach, since 2012 resides in Berlin.

He danced with many Polish and international choreographers; cofounded RD and led Koncentrat Artistic Group. Rafał choreographs in theatre, opera and film; his works has been presented in major festivals and venues throughout Europ.  He delivers stage and site-specific works, pieces with amateurs and professional dancers, group and solo performaces,and he is constantly searching for the abstract language and precision of the personal stories told on stage.


Rafał Dziemidok – Offering

This is a picture of a dying plant. I painted it in the deepest pit of the Corona-induced social distancing regime, exactly at the time, when I would watch with real and honest interest video tutorials on how to make a King Kong out of chocolate.

I do not see myself as a dying plant, however there were times when I felt like one. So I should say, i do not see myself as a dying plant right now, but I know it can happen, as it happened before.

Currently, the plant is doing fine. I repositioned it within the space of the flat. Maybe all it takes is to be repositioned. Or to reposition oneself.