Nathaniel Moore is a US-american creator/dancer/shithead based in Brussels researching in the post-masters program at a.pass. He enjoys dancing naked, eye contact, and telling tall tales, ie storytellin’. Before Brussels Nathaniel spent some time in San Francisco (Yelamu). They are originally from Athens, Georgia, and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Nat’s research engages with a collaboration with ghosts and the unseen in order to undermine the alienation fundamental to violent patterns of consumption in late-capital. With the premise that through forming belief filled connections to humans and other-than humans invisibilized in the process of object making it is possible to reformulate relation to such objects and engage with patterns of interaction in ways that see and act in respect of the many realities that each object holds. With the lofty ideal that through this shift in perception a new way of relating to culture-consumption-object could occur which acts in a less violent way.

This work occurs through improvisation, somatic/imaginative practices, and performance, through the creation of magical praxis, the invention of characters and fake gurus, through song making and singing of old country songs, through meditations on death, and through a rigorous engagement in imaginary systems of belief that open opportunities for-other-than rational thought.

It aims to make space in the individual and collective senses of self with the intention of a more collaborative, which is to say Just, living.