Márta Ladjánszki is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and artistic vice president of L1 Association based in Budapest, Hungary. She started her ballet studies at the private studio of Valéria P. Ács (Budapest, Hungary), later on between 1994 to 1996 she attended ballet and modern dance classes. Encouraged by the Inspiration in 1997, she co-founded the group KompMánia, where she was a dancer and co-choreographer of several productions until 2002. Her first independent work ‘One’ was created for the 1st Solo Dance Festival (where she won the main prize), and later on she regularly performed her solos at Trafó KMH. These works, like ‘Stretching Thighs’ and ‘Two’, were devised for herself and radically rewrote sensuality.

She leads two different kinds of classes: one based on Horton technique and the other one based on deepening our knowledge in creative processes.

In 2001 she joined L1 Association, an independent artists’ collective (www.L1.hu) and has been a member and artistic vice president of this ensemble ever since.



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