Kevin CK Lo is an Oakland-based composer, choreographer, artist, writer, and one half of the performance experiment DROUGHT SPA, with alex cruse. He is also the technical director at CounterPulse, in San Francisco, and is undergoing a PhD in Music Composition at UC Berkeley. Work has been featured at CounterPulse, UC Berkeley, Interrupt Festival (Brown University), Cecil Taylor Symposium (CUNY, NYC), Artists’ Television Access, The Poetry Center (SFSU), SOMArts, B4BEL4B Gallery (Oakland), Audio Foundation (NZ), ISEA Festival (Vancouver), Gray Area/Soundwave (SF), among others. Writing has been released on SFMOMA Open Space, and a chapbook, OKLDCAAN was published 2019 on Eyelet Press (Oakland).

DROUGHT SPA’s first solo show, RETURN THE EYE, will go live mid-November, for Cloaca Projects (SF), curated by marcella faustini. RETURN THE EYE is a fully online, user-controlled show/experience, spanning ecology, critical vision studies, state repression, proletarian revolt, and machine epistemologies.