Jurij Konjar is a Slovenian artist working in the field of dance. Following his education and the creation of his early works, in 2007 he suffered a head injury that shifted his focus towards the potential of the present moment. In 2009, an in-depth observation of Steve Paxton’s Goldberg Variations video triggered what became an improvisation practice and provided a basis for a rich on-going dialogue. Collaborating with Steve Paxton (2010-2016), he has performed Paxton’s work Bound (1982), Flat (1964) and Quicksand (2016), as well as staged Satisfyin’ Lover (1967). In 2014 he has launched Habitat, a nomadic working space for process-oriented practices. He has been performing the Goldberg Variations since 2010.


Nourish positive thoughts that appear.
Travel with them.
See where they take you.

Jurij Konjar – Offering