Dragana Alfirević a cultural worker in the field of contemporary performing arts. She studied Art History in  Belgrade, and program BODY UNLIMITED at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. She is co-founder of the Balkan Dance Network and Nomad Dance Academy (NDA), a regional tool for communication, education and artistic exchange. Dragana is co-founder of STATION, Service for Contemporary Dance in Belgrade and coordinator and producer of NDA Slovenia.  She co-curates  CoFestival in Ljubljana (www.cofestival.si).

Dragana has authored and co-authored 15 evening length performances and a dozen short choreographies and she is regularly choreographing for theatre performances. She teaches, makes performances, writes, curates festivals, and produces art events in the space between praxis, theory, and activism. In the field of collaborative practices, she is interested in new ways of communication and organization that derive from the needs of the doing.


Disinfected or Alive