Björn Ivan Ekemark/Ivanka Tramp is a dancer, performer and costume designer based in Berlin. He studied circus at Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona, textile art at Nyckelviksskolan Stockholm and Dance & Choreography at HZT Berlin.

In the last years he has developed the sticky and visceral cake sitting performance group ANALKOLLAPS, as well as he made costumes for Asaf Aharonson’s last production “Delight part 2”. He has also presented the performance series  ”the horror of intimacy” together with Caroline Niell Alexander and Layton Lachman. Ivan organized also festivals and shows with the collective TENT where he premiered his latest group piece ”Sedimental”. He has been working as a performer with Dewey Dell, Peter Pleyer and Julian Weber.


I found it in the user manual for the chainsaw I bought.
It reminds us not to saw off the branch which we sit on.

Björn Ivan Ekemark – Offering