Agnès works in the field of dance as a teacher and improviser. She received both her BA and MFA in dance from Bennington College, in the U.S. From an intense improvisation practice with Mark Tompkins, Julyen Hamilton, Simone Forti, David Zambrano… she conducted a series of interviews published as: On the Edge/Créateurs de l’Imprévu (Nouvelles de Danse 32/33, Contredanse, 1997 & 2008).

Agnès taught in the Program of Dance and Movement at the University of Rochester, NY,(2000-2006). She moved to Berlin in 2007 and initiated Books on the Move, a traveling bookstore specialised in dance and performance studies. Since 2013, Books on the Move has migrated to France. Within this project, and in collaboration with journalist Stéphanie Pichon, she initiates different types of workshops and events where reading, dance and dialogues are addressed simultaneously. Since more than 20 years she has also been developing a multidisciplinary and experimental course around language learning and movement.