It’s time, and it’s been time for a long time, to take action and do the work of responding to the global circumstances of injustice, extremism, polarization, exploitation, and environmental destruction. Grand re Union, a year-long commissioning and international/intergenerational convening project, was borne out of a craving to address how choreographic and dance practice can be part of reducing harm in the world and building more just futures for everyone. Instigated before the pandemic, this project’s aim is to be part of the global movement toward deep systematic change in the dominant world order, interhuman relationships, and human’s relationship to nature.

Join the international team of instigators for a discussion on the plans, intentions, and developments so far of the Grand re Union project. 

We all play a part in the movement, and with this project we start from where we are – deeply embedded in the practices, capacities, and shortcomings of the postmodern dance field. We’re showing up to be changed and offer what we have.