Burn the Flag


I have never really been a flag waver, and after these last four years and in particular the months leading up to the election, I am much more at home with flag burning, than flag waving. In fact I have burned many flags in dance settings, over the years. (always burn cotton flags, rather than nylon fabric flags). And I think it was right at the end of the first 2020 presidential debate, that I suddenly flashed on David Gordon’s flag dance. That put a grin on my face… for a minute.

Not Invested


Just because I am really invested in Trump not being reelected, doesn’t mean I am invested with Joe Biden. I like Kamala for the obvious diversity, sanity, intelligence, class, gender, and point of view that she brings to this election. And of course she will be making history as the first BIPOC woman Vice POTUS. With all this said she has made some pretty questionable – fucked up prosecution, and legislative moves as San Francisco DA and Later as the CA. DA. Her congressional record is OK.

Voting for Normalcy


Not so sure if I am voting out of revenge, as much as I am voting for a return to normalcy. Nothing normal with this election though. I never thought I would be craving normal. Bring back the normal.

A More Sober Outlook


OK, now that my euphoria of Trump not being reelected (fingers crossed), has passed, and I have sobered up a bit, I have to say, “NOT HAPPY” with my country. We must (everyone) embrace the fact that this nation is a plurality. The founding fathers were products of a colonial mindset, slavers, and want-to-be imperialists. Our history is seldom heroic and less inspiring than what is taught in schools. We need to forget about great men and their works, and move on to what we can do as a nation for not only ourselves, but the whole world and all of its people.

Hard To Swallow

The following statements are meant to be printed as messages in fortune cookies.

Note: the cookies should be extremely bitter tasting, to the point of nauseating

Never thought I would be nostalgic for presidential “business as normal” in a candidate.

I really hate this fucker and his whole grifter family. I am trying to not harbor hate, but I fucking hate him/them. Am I brainwashed by all the hate video games, harsh sci-fi stories and the personal experiences I share with so many friends. (with the type of bigotry and theocratic terror valued by Trump and his supporters).

What about the environmental and other legislative gains that Trump and crew have weakened or done away with. Those were years in the making. An ignorant man did away with them in a moment.

I don’t want a great president that is hobbled by an unfriendly senate blocking everything the good president does. Remember how Obama was dis-empowered by the GOP?

Let’s make history again, by electing the first BIPOC woman VP, even if it is Ms. Harris.

Fuck the DNC for not letting us have Bernie Sanders.

Fuck the GOP, just because.

Handmaiden Tales is like an advertisement for SCOTUS Barrette.

Q. How can I dance when shit like this is going down?
A. How can I not dance?

Went to bed on election night, with Trump falsely claiming he has won. WTF?

Woke up to threats tweeted by POTUS to not count all votes. Disenfranchise millions of voters, many of whom are in service. Stationed abroad.

Now he wants to count the votes.

I just want to live in a country that embraces DEI, values a healthy planet, believes in science and maintains separation of church and state.

Theocracy here we come.

It sucks that millions of votes could be ignored, and six votes from a discredited SCOTUS will decide the election.

I will not falter – I will write everyday. In particular on days I don’t want to write. I can write about the blockage.

It really should be against the law for politicians to knowingly lie about and distort issues.

End career politicians, and lobbyists.

Overjoyed Sarah Macbride is the first elected trans person to congress from Delaware. Amazing news overshadowed by the angst of the recount.

Never really loved this country USA, but I have loved being in a place (sf) that was open to change, and making things better through restorative justice, environmental justice, social justice.

OK. Just had a phone call with my older bro, in NC. – he voted Trump and is so brainwashed – i ended up crying during the call, he hung up on me. I blocked his number, he then called from his son’s phone, he was angry and confused by our fight. He wanted to say he loves me, we love each other, how can he be a Trump supporter?

I am trying to be in my body right now. Just can’t do it. The political body seems just impossible to connect with too.

Writing this shit down is a bummer. Trying to find joy in daily life is trying, while I recalibrate to capture what is good, because there is a lot of good, it’s just covered in shit and obscured by what is going on.
It’s shitty.

I think of David Gordon’s Flag piece and I feel really better – maybe that would be a great project to recreate the dance or better yet make a cover of it on a queer multigenerational, diverse bodied group with a wide sensory modalities and physicalities?

The radicalism of the 60’s in dance, theater, visual art and experimentations in group living, that gave birth to the Judson Church Movement, The Living Theater, and other amazing expressive forms is really needed again. Also this should be required study for all arts based education.

I am so disgusted with the new normal – covid and America returning to a land of overt racism, bigotry, incivility and hyper capitalism. Lying is a valued ability in public discourse.

Bye Marriage equality, and a woman’s right to choose, clean water, land and air, among other precious rights I take for granted.

My back hurts, my legs hurt and my heart is just feeling sad. That’s my embodiment. And it’s not from being 60 yo. It’s from all of this uncertainty. What it is like to be American.

The GOP is batshit crazy, and has at least 70 million hardcore voting adherants. Huh.

Joe and Kamala sound so intelligent, sane and serious when compared to Trump and Family.

Where I go to vote is 666 Ellis street, 6th floor. Not kidding, this is the truth.

On 11/3 2020 all of the pole workers at my voting location were Russians. Not kidding, this is the absolute truth. These new Americans are really into it. Kudos Folks.

Fuck the Electorial College, honor the popular vote.

It ought to be a serious crime, for people running for election, to purposely lie.

I am OK with contradicting myself. Quite comfortable, in fact.