With great respect to the crown of your re-birth
With love from the hot new world of possibilities
This story ain’t yours
It’s ours
all ours!
Told like a rope that we toss to lift us out of sorrow’s well
And we laugh!!!!!!
While we reach down to pull you up!

It’s a bawdy tale
full of half truths,
unpaid bills,
patchwork dreams,
and lies so bold, they ring gospel!

In the worst of times
we laughed often
slept a lot
ate recession stew
and giggled in spaces so dark
only the scent of sweat gave you away

It is in these spaces
Where the spells
cast by lady boys
daddy wimmin
and the mothers of us all
undid the plot
these are the times of erosion
time itself eroding
taking with it the myths and bibles
that erased her name.

Writing from House/full of Blackwomen Project Episode 14: The New Chitlin Circuitry/A Reparations Vaudeville